Employment Tribunal Judgments will be available online from Autumn 2016

HM Courts & Tribunal Service has announced that its online database of employment tribunal decisions will go live from Autumn 2016.  This new system will enable the public to obtain the claims record of a particular employer as well as any Judgments available.

This new level of transparency may potentially increase the risk of adverse publicity. It remains to be seen whether, to avoid any negative press, there will be an increase in confidential settlement agreements between employees and employers.  It may also reduce litigation overall, as Claimants may not wish to see their names on this website as it may deter future employers from employing them.

The new online database will include new employment tribunal Judgments and at present it is not yet clear whether or not past Judgments will also be available on the database. HMCTS have yet to indicate whether the public with be required to pay a fee for accessing the online database.

Dominic Bonham