Shared parental (and grandparental) leave update

Earlier this month it was widely reported that the take-up of shared parental leave among men was just 1%.

However, it transpired that statistic was extremely misleading since it was expressed as a proportion of all men and not just those who were eligible (i.e. those who had recently had a child). In fact other data tends to suggest that among eligible new fathers the take-up rate could be as high as 30%, although at this stage the real picture on the ground remains unclear.

In related news, while many employers (and employees) are still coming to terms with the complex provisions of shared parental leave, the government has confirmed that its consultation on extending the scheme to grandparents will launch in May.

Those who fear a further raft of complex rules and regulations can take at least some comfort from the fact that the government is also proposing, as part of the same consultation, to consider the streamlining of the existing shared parental leave arrangements.

The precise details of the consultation are still to be confirmed.

Dominic Bonham