The Labour Party and Tribunal Fees

In preparation for the next general election, the Labour Party, and in particular, Richard Burgon MP, has pledged to abolish employment tribunal fees which came in force in 2013 and which has, put “a price on justice”. Mr Burgon has emphasised that “work is now less secure and pays less, leaving employees in increasingly precarious situations.” This year, the Law Society has reported that since the introduction of issue fees and hearing fees for Claimants in employment tribunals, there has been an estimated 70% decrease in the number of cases brought.

The Conservative-led Justice Select Committee has also expressed alarm that the tribunal fees are in fact, a barrier to justice for working people and acknowledging that the fees “…had a significant adverse impact on access to justice”. However, Shailesh Vara MP, has reportedly said that “hardworking taxpayers should not be picking up the bill for employment disputes in tribunals and it is reasonable to expect people to contribute towards the £74m for the service…”

For now, tribunal fees remain a fixture.

Dominic Bonham